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Organizing and staffing the Business Continuity and Resiliency Program Management Office to the proper level are keys to the success of the overall program. The Business Continuity management team should consist of personnel with broad institutional knowledge of the enterprise and strong Business Continuity subject matter expertise.

During startup, major upgrades or other demand periods, many Business Continuity programs seek additional “hands on deck” that can augment the existing staff to meet:

  • Aggressive timelines
  • High volume peaks
  • Short term projects
  • Periodic recurring demand (i.e. tests and tabletops)
  • Specialized skills or knowledge
  • Third party objectivity

Staff Augmentation

Fully qualified, trained and experienced Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery professionals can be provided in the staffing arrangements customized to your program needs:

  • Temporary workers – part time or full time; short or long term
  • Temporary consultant-to-permanent staff
  • Right-to-hire
  • Recruit/Direct hire
  • Retainer-based flexible; single or multiple disciplines

Knowledge Transfer

Eagle Rock consultants are committed to help clients learn and advance their skills in all project areas. All engagements are as collaborative as the client desires to meet their objectives of the project at hand and to carry those skills in-house in the future.


The initial and periodic training needs of department personnel can be addressed through structured workshops, collaborative project engagement or one-on-one sessions. Often, training can also be achieved through periodic drills and exercises and awareness sessions. Eagle Rock will meet with the manager or head of training to scope the training initiative and develop a training strategy and program that will meet the Business Continuity program needs.

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